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                                                                 "the spirit is, which moves", "which moves, the spirit is"

Intelligent Core
Data Processing, Signal Processing, Speech Processing and Image Processing
as well as
Technical/Operational  Systems and Components

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Computer scientist industrial electronics technician C. Kaltenbach - Visionary of intelligent core! - Owner, managing director of intelligent core / intelligent core & more!

Intelligent Core
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Clemens Kaltenbach /
Intelligent Core
Intelligent Core Network / Association
Intelligent Core Spirits, Beings, Nature, Technics, Science, Environment, World, Universe

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                                                Die intelligenten Marken mit den geistreichen Aphorismen
                                                       The intelligent Brands with the spirituell Aphorisms

                                       Cores                                                             Cores

                "das Geiste /-r sind, welche bewegen
"              "the Spirits are, which move"
                "welche bewegen, das Geiste(r) sind"
               "which move, the Spirits are"

       Intelligent Core Clemens Kaltenbach, der Geist ist, der bewegt, der bewegt, der Geist ist
                       Intelligent Core Fatma Yurdakul, the Spirit is, which moves, which moves, the Spirit is

                 ... take a look to the Intelligent Core Model / Presentation belonging to the
             Intelligent Core Network within the Intelligent Core World / Universe ...
... to this subject see also the Intelligent Core Beings (e.g. Intelligent Core Humans, Intelligent Core Animals). But there existing also Intelligent Core Robots / Machines (e.g. Intelligent Core Airplanes). All of them can communicate or exchange something over Intelligent Core Senses,
                            Intelligent Core Processors, Intelligent Core Actuators ...
  ... a Intelligent Core Processor consists of Intelligent Core Brain and Intelligent Core Spirit. Brain
  relates to hardwares, e.g. matters, bodies, medias, and Spirit to softwares, e.g. rules, patterns ...

       ... Mappings between Intelligent Core Human Spirit / Brain, Intelligent Core Animal
                 Spirit / Brain
and Intelligent Core Machine Spirit / Brain are possible ... 

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